Monday, October 4, 2010

Masda RX-7

Masda RX-7
Masda RX-7

The third and final iteration of the highly popular RX-7 hit the streets of Japan in 1992, and America a year later. Power was generated by the first-ever mass-produced sequential twin-turbocharger system to export from Japan, an extremely complex piece of machinery that gave the RX-7 a wide and usable torque curve throughout the entire RPM range. Car and Driver voted it to their 10 Best list ’93-95, and Playboy awarded the RX-7 victor in a head-to-head contest against the Dodge Viper. Handling was world class, and to this day remains one of the finest handling cars of all time thanks in part to its front-mid-engine layout, and its futuristic looks have kept the car looking sexy after all these years.

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