Monday, October 4, 2010

Aston Martin DBS V12

Aston Martin DBS V12
Aston Martin DBS V12

No doubt any car lover who saw Casino Royale will have the image of this car bursting into worthless scrap tattooed to the inside of their eye lids. Yet, this isn’t the first time (nor will it be the last time on our list) that a Bond movie puts an Aston in the spot light. The DBS replaced the outgoing Vanquish as the top of the line model in Aston’s lineup, and also garnered the title of the fastest car ever produced by those Britishmen. Essentially a leaned down version of the DB9 with more power and no back seats, the DBS can run with all but the very best of them, while retaining an immaculate interior and a painfully pretty exterior–which are the hallmarks of every Aston Martin.

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