Thursday, May 13, 2010


BMW’s cloth-covered GINA concept car

The Gina cloth-covered car is a prototype vehicle from BMW that is covered with fabric rather than metal. Like a living animal, its skin wrinkles a bit when elements are extended (like opening the doors).
The shape of the skin can be altered by the car's owner; it is stretched across flexible metal wires attached to the frame that can be moved with hydraulics.
The fabric itself is a silver expansion-resistant textile that is form-fitted to the car's structure. "The high-precision fit of the material to the metal mesh also allows surface changes without slackening the tension," a spokesman said.
I can't think of a cloth-covered car in science fiction; readers may have a reference. However, I think that sf writers could suggest some improvements on the fabric skin.

2 komentar:

  1. Kapan yah bisa punya mobil model begini...?!
    Dalam mimpi kale...bisa...haha...

  2. Wow....keren banget..... kapan ya bisa megangnya???? i wonder....


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