Sunday, April 18, 2010


We heard about this car coming from KTM a little while ago. Now these are the images. It's orange and it's sporty so it must be a KTM! Well, it's not all KTM actually. The engine is a VW 2Litre from the Golf GTI and the transmission is also from VW. The engine produces 220hp, but can be upgraded to a 300hp version (same as in Audi S3). The carbon fibre monocoque frame has been developed by Italian race firm Dallara. Even though this chassis is very strong, it needs some modification to satisfy AFI regulation for racing. This have already been taken care of by mounting points for the reinforcements being ready. Dallara also provided the aerodynamic testing facilities. KTM will produce 100 units first depending on feedback from the forthcoming Geneva show. Then a 500 unit production run if demand is there. The UK is perhaps the most important market for such a car, so more than 10% of the initial production will be made with right hand drive. The suspension comes from WP and the brakes from Brembo. The price will be Euro 40.000 inclusive of VAT. Since we are motorcyclists here at Raptors & Rockets and not car drivers we obviously wanted to know what part Polaris played in this project.Polaris owns a good chunk of KTM, but the project is still very much a KTM project. All design and development was done in-house. KTM will buy back a big part of the shares owned by Polaris by next summer. The co-operation will still continue, but at a smaller scale and at a slower pace than before. Last year KTM played with a sports ATV with Polaris technology so it's not exactly the first time we see something on four wheels from KTM, but nearly. Tor Sagen Feedback on the KTM car.

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