Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lamborghini Murcielago TT

Who does not know Lamborghini? A giant automotive company producing world-powered supercar, and exotic. Italian manufacturer of this product is so crazy because of the sophisticated performance is above average most of the car. One of the latest models that many so sought after is the Lamborghini Murcielago. Not only selling well hunted individual consumers, these cars are also often dilirk the tuner world to be operated on the remodification . One tuner costumized was intrigued to Heffner Performance.
Modifications made to the tuner is only focused on increasing the power from behind the kitchen pacuya. Supply twin turbo, the car then in the program named TT Lamborghini Murcielago Twin Turbo stands. Transplant twin turbochargers on the standard engine in the car itself can claim to give more power output up to 1100 HP spectacular drive through the next two rear wheels of a pressure of 14.5 psi. To escape himself from the car and ran a solid locked 60-130 mph in 5.1 seconds when the number engine power is set back to 950 hp conservative measures.
Nicks 0-60 mph time was not too exposed to the tuner. Although a bit suspicious we still believe it may be due to the handle, especially considering the lack of movement of the entire wheel all-wheel-drive grip aka the issue when driving on the road. Heffener team has done nothing is needed but more impressive when they worked on the Ford GT and Lamborghini Gallardo in the past. Incidentally custum change Heffner made in setting this Murcielago car finally is expected to get the right setting and will make some newrecord.

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