Thursday, October 15, 2009

Audi TT-RS

Tuner ABT Sportsline made recent moves through the Audi TT Roadster Series. Two-door sedan that had undergone surgery and managed to attract the attention of automotive enthusiasts from around the world. Not only to make history and the latest record of engine speed and capacity but also managed to carve figures to 420 horsepower when tested in rally racing. House party modifications ensure that the car is an icon garapannya manufacturers commonly referred to as the ur-Quatro.
Hoping to return to repeat his glory in the past when Audi was diear years dipuncak success 1980'an. Tersebutlah concept that evolved through the engine from the sedan is covered with the white color has the ability beyond the standard limits. Audi TT-RS is relying on the five-cylinder engine. Thanks to the concoction created by the tuner capable of increasing power by 80 horsepower.
Original standard capacity machines owned manufacturer only 340 hp, one of the efforts by the tuner dilakuikan ie megkomposisikan the water cooler machines and electronic systems as well located on the engine. The result was not in vain, for the perfection achieved acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes just 4.3 seconds. While the ability of the engine can be up to a limit dilaju of 282 kim / h. Not much has changed from other sectors, much of sebgain still desaon car manufacturer described the original form.

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