Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scion FR-S concept sports coupe

Scion FR-S concept sports coupe

Scion FR-S concept sports coupe

Scion FR-S concept sports coupe

In the same way the hopes and dreams, at least for now. The FR-S, which stands for front-engine rear-wheel-drive sport, Re-Imagining the Toyota FT-86 broad concept, first shown in Tokyo in 2009, inspired by the Corolla AE86, Toyota tuner-friendly models the mid-1980s.

"I had seen too much fun in the forum and read comments on this car, " said Jack Hollis, Scion vice president. "I was really with the amount of passion, the fans for the cars and the enthusiasm which had produced them impressed."

Actually, that website just says it all. This is a car designed to provoke the Internet chat, and fan-mag photo spread, and above all excitement around the brand that has in recent years to create drag. Like many concepts, it is a little fuzzy after that. Case in point, Scion vision for the owners of the ideal FR-S, which is "someone who knows exactly what he wants ... in which he wants to go ... and wants the car to take him there."

Well, then: Scion promising 2-liter boxer engine naturally aspirated 4-cylinder, low and back for better weight distribution, and either manual or automatic transmission with 6 speeds.The company also promises great gas mileage for FR-S, but then again, who would not?

Mr Hollis promised that the FR-"inspired" S series model next year. Sounds like the kind of all-wheel-transport-based machine, Mr Perfect Driver (see above) might look like.

In contrast to a Scion. It was as if someone is the lathe and cut away all of the brand trademark characteristics elbow. What remains is the flip side of the box-shaped, with a low, smooth lines that flow around the fat 20-inch wheels - looks like the first offspring who are willing to walk the red line.

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