Saturday, December 18, 2010

HST II Truck Concept

HST II  Truck Concept

HST II  Truck Concept

HST II  Truck Concept

HST II  Truck Concept
HST II  Truck Concept

Love when we stumble a great blog, here is one of the latest!And in this sense, the future design of the most important to us as of late.We can not complain because we have our own riding in Peterbilt, Freightliner and Volvo, we still wish we had while we're on the go!

HST II, the concept of long-distance road transport imagine for high-volume boxed and palletized cargo units with a total length of 29 meters and 65 tonnes gross vehicle weight of the proposed combination. If you remember our post about the HST, as you can see that the HST II a better version than the existing truck is HST. This vehicle can be a computer that is comprehensive yet easy to operate as a modern car. The 2.90-meter wide cab offers a comfortable living and working environment that can not truck in contemporary imagine. Apart from the much larger size of HST II differs from the usual tractor with exceptional fuel efficiency, higher security, extensively improving the driving experience, improved infrastructure and environmental protection.
(Future Technology)

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