Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BMW D1200R Motorcycle Prototype

BMW D1200R  Motorcycle Prototype

BMW D1200R  Motorcycle Prototype
 BMW D1200R  Motorcycle Prototype

The D1200R is a BMW motorcycle based prototype is based on the BMW R1200R, but extensive modifications have been made including a new chassis, new front suspension and bodywork is typical. The project, which took over one year to complete, starting with BMW R1200R equipped with sensors and taken to the track. After collecting a large amount of data to redesign the top-to-bottom thorough begins. While the bike may be recognized by the untrained eye, the powerplant of D1200R is unmistakably BMW 1200cc boxer engine. Buell XB12 of the braking system has been installed and the suspension arms are mounted to allow the oscillation small adjustment of the rake angle.

Steering feedback is also utilizing the telescopic tube is passed through a pair of scissors torque. Most of the aesthetics of the motorcycle has been modified, including suspension, rear cowling, carbon fiber tank cover and flush LED lights. The overall goal of this project is to enhance the appearance and performance of the players have been impressive.Impressed to manufacturers who make and impression to consumers who liked this concept,may be a superior product that is in the account on the amarket.

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