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Aprilia Shiver 750

Aprilia Shiver 750

Aprilia Shiver 750

Aprilia Shiver 750

Aprilia Shiver 750

Aprilia Shiver 750

Aprilia Shiver 750
Aprilia Shiver 750

Evolution of Shivers project that never stops. Naked Aprilia has amazed the world with style and incredible technology to remain accessible to direct competitors, could increase further with interventions designed to improve their personality, driving pleasure and ergonomics.
Innovative motor with integral Ride by Wire Multimap last generation, chassis capable pilot prima meet the capacity, level of technical equipment unreachable: 2010 Aprilia Shiver is no doubt a reference movement between medium powered naked.

The answer further consolidated my 2010, thanks to the sporty new look is determined by the introduction of new aggressive front fairing and wave brake disc. At the same time Aprilia Shiver has moved closer to the needs of the driver, improved ergonomics with the introduction of a new saddle is closer than 5 cm for better control and optimal management of motion, both moving and stationary during operation. While sitting in the saddle can be found by racing up position over the previous version thanks to the involvement of a new rider footpegs and handlebar to the rear tends more towards the front. Incorporated into the bike, the rider than 750 Shiver my 2010 can maximize the benefits of the new rear wheels X17 5.5 which, in addition to improving handling and safety in city driving mix, increase cornering speed because the tracks that are provided by the 180/55 tires.

Thanks to the intervention Aprilia Shiver 2010 I looks like the bike even more attractive.

The success of Shivers run through some key points. This is a bike capable of satisfying the most ingenious motorcyclists but at the same time to enhance those who come for the first time in the world on two wheels, thanks to the remarkable ease of driving.

The main features of the Aprilia 750 Shiver me 2010 is:
• 90 ° V2 engine with four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshaft and liquid cooling head;
• Ride-by-Wire Technology trimappa fully developed in the competition;
• Frame Modular trellis / aluminum for stiffness, high torque;
• Aluminium swingarm with reinforcement frame and lateral shock absorber;
• 43 mm inverted fork;
• racing brakes with radial caliper and 320mm wave discs
• New more protective fairing
• new seat is lower to close
• New platform driver / passenger sport
• New rear wheel with a 5.5 mm channel

The new tip Shiver frankly about sportsmanship. Color disc brakes "daisy chain" new, and sports Rider footpegs are some of Shivers sending a signal to the viewer. The line was still a perfect example of the wise and Italy through the use of new colors and designs the overall look of balance and result in aggression Shivers, pointing to some technical choices that make a difference, like a shock absorber lateral or mixed steel trellis frame and aluminum plates.

Engine type V90 was the son of all Aprilia experience in high performance mechanics. With technical features that are owned by twin Aprilia able to combine the high specific power with maximum usability and ease of driving. Searching for the performance of the above categories has led to the choice of some advanced techniques and innovative solutions. Pair is cheaper and available in various rpm, vibration is not consistent, and full power supply to the top of the range is a feature that is owned by the Aprilia V2 750.
Shivers 2010 version, of course affirm integral Ride by Wire technology, multi-map which developed further by utilizing the experience made with RSV4 Superbike racing. Technical solution is certainly state of the art relating to engine management systems and the Aprilia Shiver is confirmed to be a leader in its segment associated with the technology.
With a touch of the start command, the driver can choose, but moved to close the gas, one of three maps, are radically changing the character of bike:
- "Sport" to "gas in your hand" in times when they want to let adrenaline take advantage of all the twin-cylinder Italian character;
- "Touring" when progressivity and flexibility are very important, at times when leadership gives way to travel, even in pairs;
- "Rain" when the grip is not optimal and we want to maintain maximum security.

Thanks to the technical solutions used, the Aprilia V90 type managed to obtain high power values. maximum output of 95 hp at 9000 rpm and maximum torque of 81 Nm at 7000 rpm performance excellence. High torque at low revs to make driving on winding roads Shiver actually achieved.

Never change a winning team and that's why my 2010 Aprilia Shiver confirms cycling version of the preceding choice of aluminum composite trellis frame and plate. This machine is very compact longitudinal allowed to get agile motorcycle, which also contribute to a specific choice for the position of the lateral shock, not a simple cosmetic mannerism, but a precise technical decision which frees space for disposal so that they can enjoy optimum volume.
The aluminum swingarm with reinforcement frame has been sized to support the asymmetrical stresses caused by lateral position of the shock. arm has a rigidity as a reference to that category.

Inverted fork with 43 mm cold feet to support the radial calipers provides smooth as a reference. Its range of 120 mm can face the smoothness in the way of urban and mountain roads.
The side shock absorber directly to the swingarm which pivots in accordance with the cantilever and can be customized in the early spring and hydraulic rebound, rear wheel travel 130 mm.
Dynamic quality improved with a choice of rear wheel 5.5 x 17 that emphasizes the handling and speed in changing direction.

For existing radial caliper, a solution that has been a pioneer in the field, Shiver 2010 adds a new wave brake discs which ensure, in addition to a distinct aesthetic impact, including an attack by a powerful braking and modulation.
At the rear 245 mm disc with single piston caliper provides adequate support to the previous system. Magazines are also a master cylinder for a more effective response to the braking
Second brake system front and rear pipes used in metal webbing flights, which eliminates the lungs disrupt conventional pipe to ensure the accuracy of the braking system for a truly level above.

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