Wednesday, September 15, 2010

125 cc Motorcycle World's Fastest

125 cc Motorcycle World's Fastest
125 cc Motorcycle World's Fastest

Utah - Armed bebeberapa changes, Honda RS125 could eventually remove up to 41 bhp power. With that power, speed of 236.2 km per hour can be reached easily.

Now with the ability to run fast that finally this blue Honda RS125 berkelir successfully convert itself as a capacity of 125 cc motorcycles in the world's fastest.

Motor that creates the record on the Bonneville salt meadow, U.S. Utah when ridden by Scott Kolb is actually even touching 202 km per hour rate then increased to 219 km per hour before finally creating a record at 236.2 km per hour.

"I actually still have a considerable distance and can be reached about 249.44 kilometers per hour if I have a few more days," said 27-year-old biker was like detikOto quotation from Hell for Leather, Wednesday (15/09/2010).

Before creating the speed record, Kolb took the motor lansiran 1996 to Martin Eurosports to increase engine power from 36 bhp to 41 bhp. Not forgetting, Kolb designed a fairing that is able to cut the wind and reduce barriers so that he could run faster.

However, preparation was conducted Kolb still leaves a problem. Because the motor was running second when this does not vibrate and make the nut and bolt to become less tight.

"So when I'm driving I heard a squeaking sound coming from the front wheel bearings and thinking problems. It grew louder when I came to 228.5 km per hour and I know with a little increase my teeth can get 6-8 miles per hour. But it turned out the screws loose, and everything was fine and luckily I have not had an accident because the screw out until the suspension, "said Kolb.

"We then put a damper on all the screws, put a little higher so that you have enough time to walk on the fifth day where I met with a record of 236.2 km per hour," concluded Kolb.

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