Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dodge Circuit Concept Car

Dodge Circuit Concept Car
Dodge Circuit Concept Car

The Circuit EV is Dodge's idea of a practical sports car. It's an all-electric vehicle with a 200-mile range and the capability to go to sixty miles an hour from a standsill in just over five seconds.

Looking at this car and the all-new Dodge Challenger production car (I didn't get a picture of that - sorry), it was hard to believe that Chrysler was in serious trouble and about to go under if Fiat doesn't come to its rescue. Like GM, Chrysler is hoping exciting products will turn things around.

Maybe. But it's worth noting that Studebaker debuted its now-legendary Avanti sports car in 1963. It got the company a lot of positive attention and feedback. By 1967, though, Studebaker was gone.

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