Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ferrari Calavera

 Ferrari CalaveraFerrari Calavera
Ferrari CalaveraFerrari Calavera

The Ferrari F430 is on its way out, making way for its replacement tipped to debut at the Frankfurt show. Ferrari itself is saying goodbye with a special edition to be auctioned off for charity, but a pair of German firms has collaborated to send off the F430 in its own unique brand of style. A joint effort by a company called Unique Sportscars and the Novitec Rosso tuning house we've come to know for its turbo- and supercharged Prancing Horses, the F430 Calavera seems to answer questions nobody was asking, namely, what would a Ferrari look like if it spent too much time on Venice Beach? Well here you have it.

Ferrari F430 Calavera comes with an airbrushed exterior prominently boasts a large skull on the hood, darkened taillights, tinted windows, and 20-inch wheels. The interior also gets a modest makeover with embroidered seats, an elongated center console, and iPod connectivity. The Calavera is powered by a twin-supercharged version of Ferrari’s 4.3-liter V8 engine which produces 707 horsepower and 712 Nm of torque. The Ferrari F430 Calavera rockets from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds before hitting a top speed of 348 km/h (216 mph). Unique Sportcars Ferrari F430 Calavera also comes with other performance kits include a Novitec Rosso front spoiler and rear wing, revised gear ratios, and a lowered sports suspension.

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