Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nuclear powered bike

The Nuclearrow Concept by Julien Vermeulen stands out of the crop of concepts we have seen in the past few days. The vehicle does look at clean energy, but does not stop at plain old lithium batteries and hydrogen, it goes quite ahead with the choice of Nuclear Power! The fusion reactor is placed at the rear and associated with a wheel engine, sending power to the rear wheel.
To cover the “jewel” in his design, Julien designed the engine to be housed like a “pearl in a shell”. The driver stretches out on the frame around the tank to drive, and since the vehicle is enclosed by screens for more security, additional data and directional systems are used. The entire concept has been housed in a textured shell based on squall skin that protects the driver and helps aerodynamically.
With power coming from nuclear fusion, we guess the Nuclearrow will move at mind numbing speeds and with great power; this makes the shell encasing more practical. Agreed, the technology is far from being a reality anytime soon, but it does show a very interesting take on the future of mobility.
Julien is currently looking for a six-month internship to complete his master.

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