Friday, October 30, 2009

M-Guard autonomous vehicle

Guardium is an unmanned security vehicle which was developed by the AI / Lahav. The design is based on the M-Guard vehicle security Unmanned vehicle (USV) that can be operated from the central station, can carry the patrol equipment and has a quick response to face danger.
These vehicles have the ability to detect bombs / mines at a distance of several meters and inform the central stations to bring in aid, or if the vehicle is equipped with the anti-vehicle mines can be applied as anti-mine robot.
M-Guard autonomous vehicle using a chassis TomCar. Is the vehicle type TomCar All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) owned by the IDF and Israeli border police with a weight of 600 kg can accommodate 2 people.
This vehicle is equipped with automated tactical positioning system and can operate automatically on the conditions on or off road with a speed above 80 km / hour. Can carry the weight of 300kg, including a light shield to protect vital systems.
USV can carry a variety of sensors, including video and heat-detection camera, with the ability to auto-target and photographed, a sensitive microphone, loudspeaker and two-way radio. This vehicle can also be equipped with various light or heavy weapons, like machine gun, sniper, rocket launcer, etc. all of which are operated from the Main Control Center (MCC).
MCC also has artificial intelligence to deal with various circumstances and to carry out certain operations, but also can be operated manually by remote control.

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