Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora - Test Drive the Lotus Evora brand new and shiny metallic color echo in the sports car.A wink strip positioned in a higher price than before. Designed for adult audiences, but an easy and intuitive, attractive to drivers, but certainly stable cornering and powerful braking.
Compared with the past, a lower threshold and the highest seat, leather seat also sports a comfortable leg and stretched comfortably on the pedals to try. Cockpit designed to accommodate the average of the highest, but from the outside is difficult to believe that Evora has four seats. Lotus coach spent several minutes explaining to the hidden box and the steering wheel on to explain that the leadership in the field of sports, the shorter high-speed transmission and limited the power of traction control.
More than four thousand rpm on the V6 engine of 3500cc, produced by Toyota, lozenges friendly through dirt and remind us that Evora require fast speed, can reach 100 km / h from rest in just 5 seconds. 280 horses are not a few, but high speed stability is guaranteed by the ultra-light magnesium communicate hydraulically assisted steering great feeling just a few minutes to feel the secondary ruler and began to experience driving pleasure we kept hearing about. It 's time to leave the ring and face a more motivated, full of curves, up and down the hill between two consular posts. It 'time for lunch, quiet and practical way to try to drown the gas to conscience requires us to slow down.
In a crisis by using traction control, which is barely noticeable, with the electronic distribution of braking and traction el'ABS, while remaining accurate and stable cornering, even on uneven stretch. Aluminum chassis, low and hard (twice the "old" Elise), in addition to making responsive and agile, is modular and provide additional passive safety: the front and rear designed to absorb impact energy, dall'abitacolo with occupants at the time deviandola accident . The project was born from the philosophy of the classic Lotus Evora obtain optimum performance from the balance of the parties, but pointed to greater self-super-flexibility of the twenty-first century.

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