Monday, October 12, 2009


Superbike is a combination of performance, style is fantastic, but still looks good even though the naked bike, 1125 cc liquid-cooled specification, 72-degree V twin engine with uniform acceleration in each girnya. So aggressive, driving position is sporty yet comfortable, precise control. For those who drive will feel the experience that had never experienced before. Wonderful! buell_1125cr_2009_18_1024x768. The most interesting is the disk! Although a single disk but do not hesitate pakemnya brakes. Innovative findings from the name given Buell Buell Zero Torsional Load (ZTL ²) with four pads and KALIPER 8 piston. Inspired by motor racing XBRR. 375 mm diameter discs mounted directly on the wheel and able to stop the KALIPER be unique on the inside of the disk, which is how it works against the disc + KALIPER in general. It aims to eliminate the displacement force on the front wheels. Another innovation, is the location of the fuel is no longer in the usual place but in order! Similarly, oil, located on the swing arm!

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